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What We Offer

Bunifu Module Portfolio and Case Studies

Bunifu LLC provides consultation, development and management of e-learning modules and tool kits for non-profit, for profit, and local and federal government organizations. We focus on organizations that need to create an eLearning structure and/or enhance existing eLearning systems to further develop employees and/or clients’ training and development. 

Here are samples of our favorite projects that are not under NDA.

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Self-Paced Courses

Bunifu creates customize courses that allows learner to access material through variety of engagement modalities such as video, print, interactivity features such as buttons, makers, and sliders to name a few.  Courses also integrates formative and summative assesses such as quizzing, scenario base questioning and assessments.


Bunifu will take your in-person training and existing or non-exiting materials and create unique, innovative illustrations to develop sounds e-learning modules and toolkits to meet the learning needs of your employees or learners.

Printable and Digital Toolkits

Bunifu develops learning toolkits that consist of instructional one-pagers, guides, and infographics that engages diverse audiences.

Video Production

Bunifu specializes in creating stock, animation, and explainer videos to enhance the learning experience by bringing to life a challenging concept or provide meaningful engagement.

Elevation Learning Academies

This video provides an overview of Bunifu’s mission and highlights the work it takes to create 5-day learning institutes.

Spice Up Your Learning Aids

This video will discuss the important elements of learning aids such as video, instructional one pagers, infographics, guides, handbook, and workbooks.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

This video discusses how we think outside the box by using data, project management and unique instructional design elements to create engaging learning journeys.

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