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Bunifu LLC- Learning for Life is a minority-owned micro start-up eLearning business dedicated to making the world a better place through engaging, diverse, and inclusive online learning that empowers learners to grow, transform and become life-long learners. Bunifu specializes in customizing creative learning solutions for adult and youth learners of color. Bunifu LLC is unique in that it merges technology and instructional best practices.

Join a dynamic team of innovators, creatives, unique, and outside-the-box thinkers. Our strategic partners have the audacity to believe that the process of learning is power, it’s self-directed, and a self-paced journey of discovery.

Bunifu Capability Statement

Bunifu LLC provides consultation, development and management of e-learning modules and tool kits for non-profit, for profit, and local and federal government organizations. We focus on organizations that need to create an eLearning structure and/or enhance existing eLearning systems to further develop employees and/or clients’ training and development.

Packages at a Glance

We believe that learning is a lifelong process: a self-directed and selfpaced journey of discovery.  Our mission is to provide online learning services that will allow clients to access materials to  unleash their potential and fully explore interests. We help both for-profit and nonprofit  companies and organizations transform to achieve success.

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