Learning for Life

Bunifu provides consultation, development and management of elearning modules

and toolkits that engages diverse audiences.


70% of on-the-go professionals will take care of business on their personal mobile devices by the year 2018. Source: SailPoint


Microlearning generates 50% more engagement. Source: Software Advice


12% of learners apply the skills received from training to their jobs. Source: hrdrive


Video will be responsible for 80% of the internet traffic in the world. Source: Cisco

Online Learning is a Strategic Business Investment.

We offer a quality product that aims at providing transformative learning services that integrates the learning style, cultural background and actions of the learner.

Self-Paced Courses
E-Learning Process
Printable & Digital Toolkits
Video Production

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Knowledge Center

Technology Can Make Fitness Flexible

It is increasingly difficult for busy men and women – including myself – to balance work, life, and fitness in today’s world. Seventy-five percent of my job requires me to travel so exercise and eating right can be hard because most hotel gyms are rarely updated and...

4 Point Quality Check

Did you know that actively disengaged employees outnumber engaged employees by nearly 2:1 (Gallup Study, 2016). One of the top reasons for disengagement is “many companies’ and organizations’ training and resources stink”! Good instruction and sound course design is...

Strategic Integration of an xAPI

“Learning should be viewed as an adaptive relevant journey for the learner” –Jennifer Dunn To provide the best possible outcome for the learner instructional design for a course, webinar, video, emodule, etc... must be married to the activities the learner is...

4 Point Quality Check

Good instruction and sound course design is paramount for retaining outstanding talent at an organization.