“Education Is the Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use to Change the World”

– Nelson Mandela

Learning is an incredible gift; it can expand skills as well as change one’s outlook on life. Throughout history, learning has always inspired innovation and in some cases ignited revolutions. Based on the current world, the internet has been one of the single most influential tools that have expanded learning beyond borders. If you are so fortunate to own a mobile device that’s connected to the worldwide web, then your world of learning is almost limitless.

Especially, as the field of online learning or so often called E-learning is growing. Based on Global Forecast Report, 2021, there will be a growth rate from 1 Billion in 2020 to 1 Trillion dollars by 2027.

The Benefits of E-learning for the Learner is Endless!

• Online learning courses are more affordable than traditional ones

• Learners can arrange their schedules according to their conveniences

• Mobile platforms give access to more people to benefit from online learning

• Allows learners the ability to engage with content from a variety of mediums such as video, virtual reality, apps to name a few

However, I cannot fail to mention that many people across the world do not have access to the data, devices, and reliable internet connection they need to make the most of the benefits of e-learning. In fact, only 2 in 3 children and young people do not have an internet connection globally.

Our goal at Bunifu is to provide a variety of ways to offer culturally relevant material to support communities around the world that have been traditionally marginalized. We know that this is a hefty goal, but with valuable partnerships and smart dedicated people, we can bring the benefits of e-learning to all. Our first step is the creation of the Bunifu Learning Institute and our Partnership with Making Sense of Language Art Program.

Please join us in our campaign: E-Learning Has No Borders.