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Rising Stars: Meet Jennifer Dunn
Jennifer Dunn, co-owner of Bunifu Learning for Life, left her job of 11 years at the College Board an international education non-for-profit organization to start her own business, it wasn’t because she wanted prestige or to make more money. She wanted to walk more in her purpose.

E-Learning Has No Borders Blog
Learning is an incredible gift; it can expand skills as well as change one’s outlook on life. Throughout history, learning has always inspired innovation and in some cases ignited revolutions.

Strategic Integration of an xAPI
To provide the best possible outcome for the learner instructional design for a course, webinar, video, emodule, etc… must be married to the activities the learner is pursuing.

10 Super Easy Steps to Making Digital Learning Accessible
Many people who have disabilities can face a variety of challenges when accessing the world wide web, reviewing downloadable documents, and looking at video content.

Tech Can Make Fitness Flexible
It is increasingly difficult for busy men and women – including myself – to balance work, life, and fitness in today’s world.


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Podcast: Meet Bunifu’s Owners Jennifer & Maurice Dunn
Culturally Relevant eLearning

Podcast: Parenting & Assisting Your Child’s Virtual Learning
Culturally Relevant eLearning

Podcast: Cultural Competence & Customize Digital Learning
Culturally Relevant eLearning

Podcast: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”
It is rather evident that we are living in one of the most challenging times in modern history. There is no need to list all the reasons why because at this point, we all know. However, during this pandemic, some people are thriving.

Presentation Decks

Bunifu- Who We Are
Jennifer Dunn

Challenges, Innovations, and Opportunities during COVID-19
Jennifer Dunn, Oluwafemi A. Banjoko, Lillian Tsosie-Jensen, Mario Valladolid

It’s Time for Healing Workshops
Jennifer Dunn, Mario Valladolid, Lillian Tsosie-Jensen, Kristin Franks, Ashley McGuire, and Louise Mettler

Services & Workbooks

Professional Development: Bunifu Education Institute

Bunifu At a Glance
We believe that learning is a lifelong process: a self-directed and self-paced journey of discovery.

Bunifu’s 6 Step Process
Bunifu provides consultation, development, and management of e-learning modules and toolkits for schools and organizations looking to engage a diverse audience.

5 Steps to Increase Your Revenue with Effective Messaging, Branding, and More
Barbara M. Smith

Enhancing the Principal-School Counselor Relationship
College Board


“Bunifu has been working for us and designing our curriculum that is turnkey for
teachers, useful for students, accessible and interesting”

“Impressed with Bunifu’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Bunifu LLC has a deep understanding and knowledge about issues working professionals face. Bunifu has worked tirelessly to help remove barriers to learning and led initiatives aimed at providing support and tools to learners across the world.” – College Board

“So thankful for a great curriculum team working through the weekend to make this happen.” – Maya

“Bunifu LLC is the consummate professional business. The work ethic, timeliness, responsiveness, and personality of its employees made this sometimes-arduous work, completely delightful. I will definitely work with this company again, and have already referred, and shared the company information with others. Here’s my slogan for the business … Choose Bunifu, when only the best will do!” – Barbara H. Smith

“I cannot say enough good things about Bunifu! Jennifer Dunn and her team exceeded my expectations as they created facilitator and participant materials for my cherished Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshops. I put my heart and soul into the design of the classes after the devastating death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020. The workshops were created to serve as my contribution to change in America. I could not, however, share the work with others without a trusted partner to help me translate my ideas into instructional materials that others could believe in too. Jennifer and her team brought my vision to life. The materials will hopefully bring many, many leaders an understanding of the impacts of unconscious bias and racism. Bunifu can be trusted to help you bring your instructional design vision to life.” – Karen Jones, Principle Owner and President of Sacred Leadership Solutions


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