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How Online Learning Can Help to Close the Persistence Gap: A Citywide Case Study

Presented by Jennifer Dunn, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bunifu Learning for Life; Marissa Jackson, Director of Digital Learning, Research, and Development, Bunifu Learning for Life; and Caleb Burkes, Educational Associate, P-Tech Healthcare, Dunbar High School (MD)

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Forty-five percent of today’s college students are students of color. Despite increasing rates of college admissions and enrollment, they are still much less likely to graduate. Students of color, and specifically Black students, continue to struggle with lower retention rates and higher dropout rates.

In this webinar, we will learn how Baltimore City Public Schools (MD), serving predominantly Black students, used innovation and technology to address student persistence in their mission to close the opportunity gap. Hear from educational leaders who collaborated with an eLearning firm focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion to develop Success Seminars, online self-paced courses for Baltimore City high school students enrolled in college credit programming. You will hear insights on how each of the Success Seminars make the “hidden curriculum” of college visible and utilize digital learning as tools for culturally sustaining pedagogy, helping students of color develop the stamina and sense of belonging they need in order to thrive in Baltimore’s emerging college-going culture. You will hear insights from the district- and school-level personnel on the ways that they believe the Success Seminars will help them to talk about student success in new ways.

This webinar will be of interest to high school teachers, school and district leaders, and education technology leaders. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

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10 Super Easy Steps to Making Digital Learning Accessible

Presented by Katherine Thoreson, Graphic Designer, and Accessibility Expert, Bunifu Learning for Life; Jennifer Dunn, CEO Bunifu Learning for Life

*Not a CEU Eligible Webinar

Whether you are creating a powerpoint, uploading an image, choosing a text font of your choice, or creating an elearning course, your content should be designed in such a way that anyone can use it. Join this short 30-minute presentation with Kat Thoreson, Bunifu’s Strategic Partner, as she unpacks a variety of ways to make your online content accessible. You’ll also have an opportunity to walk-a-way with a 10-step accessibility checklist to guide your future online projects.

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Words and Images Matter in Instructional Design

Presented by Eileen Cooper-Reed, DEI Advocate, Katherine Thoreson, Graphic Designer, and Accessibility Expert, Bunifu Learning for Life; Jennifer Dunn, CEO Bunifu Learning for Life

*Not a CEU Eligible Webinar

Using inclusive language and images MATTER! In this presentation, we will discuss why it is important to pay attention to what we write and what images we use as we present content and interact in digital learning environments. Meaning and interpretation of words and images can have a powerful impact on diversity, inclusion, and equity. It can also affect our feeling of belonging to our communities, workplaces, experiences, and society.

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